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Roller Compactor Granulator

 Roller Compactor Granulator

The roller compactor granulator uses dry pressing technology to compress material with moisture content lower than 10% into sheets and it is then broken into granules for treating and further screening processes.

The material is pressed by extreme force when it passes through the gap between the two rollers, which are rotating in opposite directions. The material is pressed into sheets with a density 1.5-3 times that of the loose raw product.

Petro-chemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuff, metal powder, bio-engineering, pesticide, fertilizer, mining and coal.

Technical Paramenters
Items Parameters Models GZL240 GZL360 GZL450
Diameter of roll(mm) Φ240 Φ360 Φ450
Width of roll(mm) 80-160 180-500 220-1000
Revolution of roll(rpm) 15,20,26,32 14,18,24,30 10-25
Max. Pressure of roll(mpa) 120 160 210
Max. Thickness of pill(mm) 4 8 8
Capacity of pill(kg/h) 200-500 500-3000 800-5000
Diameter of finished pill(mm) 0.5-6 0.5-8 0.5-6
Capacity of finished product(kg) 160-400 400-2400 680-4000
Power of main machine(kw) 7.5 22-37 45
Total power(kw) 20 50 80
Overall dimension(L*W*H)(mm) 1500x1300x5000 2000x2000x9000 2500x2500x10000
Weight(t) 6 10 13

Flow Chart
The material enters into the hopper lifting machine through a spiral conveyor from the feeding port, and then it is delivered to the vibration material silo. A metered feeder will feed the material into an inverter controlled spiral feeder, and the material is then pre-pressed. The pre-pressed material enters into the gap between the two rollers that are rotating in opposite directions, and it is firmly pressed. The firmly pressed material sheet falls into the breaking machine automatically, and is then smashed into granules of different sizes. The trimmed granules are squeezed out into the sieve through a mesh board. The final product enters into hopper lifting machine, and then it is conveyed to the finished product silo. The material sieved out should be fed back to the material silo by spiral conveyor, so to perform the next circulation.

Hopper Lifting Machine
Fine Power Recycle
Particle of Product
Grinding and Granulation Device

1. The material is pressed by the rolling machine, without any additional ingredients to ensure purity.
2. The dry material is made into granules directly, no need for any further drying processes.
3. Compressing the material helps prevent wasted powder and decrease packaging fee with the higher density product.
4. The material feeding utilizes a non-step inverter control for a high level of automation.
5. The roller compactor granulator is produced from high quality alloys, stainless steel, Ti, Cr and other materials because of their wear resistance, corrosive resistance, heat resistance and pressure resistance.

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