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Vacuum Dryer

    1. Double Cone Vacuum Dryer
      Our double cone vacuum dryer is suitable for raw materials that need to be concentrated, mixed and dried at low temperatures. This drying equipment is particularly suitable for raw materials that are easily oxidized, volatilized and have high heat sensitivity.
    1. Vacuum Dryer, Vacuum Oven
      This vacuum dryer is designed for drying heat sensitive raw materials that can decompose or polymerize at high temperatures. This type of drying equipment is often found in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and electronics production.
    1. Vacuum Freeze Dryer
      This vacuum freeze dryer allows for drying without altering the chemical and biological states of the material that is being processed. This makes this type of drying technology perfect for research uses and for food preservation.
    1. Vacuum Rotary Drum Dryer
      It is a batch-type vacuum dryer that effectively evaporates moisture from wet material via heat transmission. A stirrer will remove material on the hot surface to forma cyclical flow.
    1. Triple Effect Evaporator
      The triple effect evaporator uses a tubular circulation heating principle to shorten heating time for rapid evaporation and large concentration ratio, so as to maintain the properties of the raw materials.
    1. Vacuum Belt Dryer
      The air jet dryer blows hot air through narrow seams on the transmission belt. The spray air speed is more than 10m/s and the heat transmitting film is very thin offering fast drying speeds.
    1. Vacuum Plate Dryer, Continuous Dryer
      This series of vacuum plate dryer is made up of drying units that are highly efficient. These dryers are suitable for a variety of different industrial applications and they are produced in three main categories, normal pressure, closed and vacuum styles.
    1. Tube Bundle Dryer
      The tube bundle dryer is an indirectly heated, contact type drying machine that can perform both parallel flow and counter-flow drying. To evaporate one kg of water, it only consumes 1.5 to 2kg of team, 50% less than fluidizing dryers.
    1. Rotary Drum Dryer
      This rotary drum dryer takes wet material and stirs it with bafflers that are uniformly distributed in the barrel. The hot air and the stirring motion expedites the drying process and quickly evaporates unwanted moisture.
    1. Continuous Drum Dryer
      The continuous drum dryer is rotating continuous drying equipment with an internal heating conducting style. Heat is transferred to the internal wall of the cylinder through pipes. Dried products are then scraped off of the cylinder wall with a blade.
    1. Indirect Contact Dryer
      The indirect contact dryer is suitable for drying or cooling pastes, particles and powders in a slurry state. The special stirring blade features high heat transferring efficiency, providing a self-cleaning function.