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Wet Granulator

 Wet Granulator

The wet granulator features a specially designed rotor structure to process various wet grains into near perfect ball shape pellets. This granulation machine is excellent for making capsules and pills, as well as industries as follows.
1. Pharmaceutical, food industries
2. Cosmetics, dyestuff, coloring industries
3. Ceramics industry

spec/ item power (kW) production capacity (kg/h)
Ø230 0.75 10~100
Ø400 2.2 20~150
Ø700 3.7 30~200
Ø1000 5.5 40~300

1. Produce pellet between 0.5~2.0mm
2. Process long granules and make pellets.
3. Simple and effective operation.

Machine Principle
The granulating machine takes wet granules and creates dry spherical granules using a rotating centrifugal disk, blower and pneumatic nozzle.

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