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It's widely used as the mixing machine for solid medicine powder in pharmaceutical industry worldwide. This machine can be equipped with a variety of material vessel in order to meet the requirement for large batch mixing.


HLD-800 HLD1200 HLD-1500 HLD2000
2900 3175 3350 3770
2550 2700 2850 3300
1850 1950 2100 2650
1600 1700 1800 2050
700 700 700 700
1000 1200 1200 1200

Machine Principle
Through years of studying, comparing and absorbing both domestic and foreign technology, we have designed and developed our own HLD series hopper mixing machine.

The main structural feature of the mixer is: the mixing body (material vessel) and the rotating axis form an angle of 30°. When the material is rotating, the material also makes tangent movement along the wall of the vessel. This helps to make all points of material move in complicated way, change their position all the time, and thereby enables a very high mixing efficiency.

1. The structure is reasonable by the adoption of double hoisting devices, rotating motor and flexible coupler. Stable performance combined with simple upkeep and maintenance ensures there's no problem of leakage.
2. Adopt programmed control system, technical parameters setting system, high-safety machine stop system, automatic accurate positioning system, and automatic record printing system, that fully meet the requirements of pharmaceutical companies for processing equipment sets. Fully automatic production is realized, and the operation is very simple.
3. To ensure the quality of the machine, we adopt high-quality outsourcing parts.
4. Equipped with fine manufactured hopper that fully meets GMP requirements. No discharge residue is available, and it's easy for cleaning or washing.
5. We supply a series of products for material conveying. It works with the hopper mixing machine to complete the advanced process.

Remarks: Customization service is available upon request.

After years of development, we have introduced our bin blender, which is a hopper lifting machine with high mixing efficiency. The mixing vessel rotates on a 30 degree axis and allows for material to be spun and mixed with great uniformity.

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