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Extruder Granulator

 Extruder Granulator

The extruder granulator is a high demand piece of machinery for pharmaceutical and beverage industries

Technical Paramenters
Specification extrusion knife size (mm) grain making diameter (mm) weight (kg) motor powder (kw) productivity (kg/h) overall dimension (mm)
JZL-250 250 1-3 350 3 80-200 700x540x1400
JZL-300 300 1-3 480 5.5 100-300 800x650x1400

Machine Principle:
1. The granulation machine takes well mixed raw materials and extrudes them to produce grains in a desired size and shape. Its automatic material discharge avoids grain damaged caused by the manual material discharge of other granulation machinery.
2. The equipment is suitable for high flow production. All of the contact parts of the extruder granulator are made of stainless steel for easy maintenance and performance.
3. The machine can be matched with the other machinery, such as pharmaceutical lines.
4. It is especially suitable for the materials that have high viscosity.

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