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Food Industry

    1. DG Starch Air Stream Dryer
      The DG series air stream dryer operates with starch which is shaped like a filter cake. Starch is fed into a lift where it will be broken up into fine particles. The lift rotates at high speed to generate wind energy, which enables the fine particles to be transferred to a drying tube.
    1. Spray Dryer for Soya Protein
      Protein is the most important nutrient for the human body. Without protein, no life could exist. Our company can design the project according to the users’ actual needs.
    1. Belt Dryer for Soybean Meal
      The belt dryer is specially used for processing soybean meal. It was developed on the basis of a traditional mesh-belt dryer. It is practical and energy-efficient, thus helping to reduce costs.
    1. Belt Dryer for Dehydrated Vegetables
      Developed on the basis of a traditional belt dryer, this dehydrated vegetable machine is cost-effective and energy-efficient. When we produce this equipment for our esteemed customers.
    1. Belt Dryer for Fresh Mycelium
      The belt dryer is specially used for fresh mycelium. It was developed by our company through continuous innovation and with the use of cutting-edge technology and abundant manufacturing experience.
    1. Chicken Powder Production Line
      As the second generation compound seasoning, chicken powder is famed for its good flavor, easy operation and ample nutrition. The market prospect of the chicken powder will be very wide.
    1. Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer for Bread Crumbs
      The vibrating fluid bed dryer is selected according to the processing characteristics of bread crumbs. Unlike an ordinary fluid bed which relies on air to perform fluidization, our fluid bed can accomplish the fluidization and conveying of materials through vibration.