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    1. Fluid Bed Granulator
      We have over 150 different granulation machines to meet the raw materials processing needs of our customers and we export the drying equipment to the USA, Japan, Indonesia and many other countries around the world.
    1. Spray Dry Granulator
      The spray drying granulator integrates spraying, drying, and fluid granulating into a comprehensive machine to realize granulation from liquid all in one step. This equipment is especially suitable for micro auxiliary raw materials and heat sensitive raw materials.
    1. High Speed Mixer Granulator
      Raw powder material and adhesive are placed in a cylinder and are fully mixed by the mixing blade at the bottom of the high speed mixing granulator. The material being dried is cut by later high speed cutters into uniform granules.
    1. Fluid Bed Granulator Coater
      This series of fluid bed granulator coater integrates granulation, coating, fluidization and drying. It is mainly applied for granulating materials for pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and other industrial applications.
    1. Wet Granulator
      The wet granulator features a specially designed rotor structure to process various wet grains into near perfect ball shape pellets. This granulating equipment is excellent for making capsules and pills among many other products.
    1. Dry Granulator
      The dry granulator is a piece of equipment that we have developed that is designed for extrusion, pulverizing and granulating materials all while operating with high efficiency.
    1. Continuous Granulator

      The fluidized-vibrating and continuous granulator was designed by YIBU for small volume, high efficiency, energy saving granulation of various materials.

    1. High Speed Grinder Granulator
      The high speed grinding granulator operates in a closed system and produces less heat and releases less dust than other granulation devices.
      The fixed screen of the grinder is made from stainless streel and it cannot be damaged easily.
    1. Extruder Granulator
      The granulation machine takes well mixed raw materials and extrudes them to produce grains in a desired size and shape. Its automatic material discharge avoids grain damaged caused by the manual material discharge of other granulation machinery.
    1. Oscillating Granulator, YK Series
      The oscillating granulator is used for various applications in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and beverage industries. The equipment operates as both a granulator and material crusher.
    1. Roller Compactor Granulator
      The roller compactor granulator uses dry pressing technology to compress material with moisture content lower than 10% into sheets and it is then broken into granules for treating and further screening processes.