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Fluid Bed Dryer

    1. GFG Series Fluid Bed Dryer
      The GFG series fluid bed dryer uses purified and heated air introduced from the bottom of the chamber with a suction fan. Fluidization of raw materials is possible through stirring and negative pressure within the chamber.
    1. FG Series Fluid Bed Dryer
      Fluidization bed achieves incredibly fast heat transmission.
      Sealed negative pressure operation prevents the release of dust.
      Because of the anti-static material as filter, it is completely safe to operate.
    1. XF Series Fluid Bed Dryer
      The series fluid bed dryer is a common piece of equipment found in pharmaceutical applications. It consists of an air filter, fluid bed and cyclone separator. There are two kinds of operation for this machine, continuous and intermittent.
    1. GZQ Series Fluid Bed Dryer
      The series fluid bed dryer is used for drying and cooling of powder or granular materials such as citric acid, monosodium glutamate and many others.
    1. NLG Series Fluid Bed Dryer
      The NLG series fluid bed dryer is designed based on traditional fluid bed dryers with components of indirect heating dryers. The heat exchanger is immersed in the heat exchanger in the material that is being fluidized and dried.