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Production Lines

    1. Instant Coffee Production Line
      Our instant coffee production line takes coffee beans and turns them into soluble coffee powder through the processes of roasting, grinding, extraction, concentrating, and spray drying.
    1. Titanium Dioxide Production Line
      The titanium dioxide production line is drying equipment that can handle the pastes required to process titanium dioxide. We have all of the relevant testing equipment to make sure that all of its products are pure and usable.
    1. Coconut Powder Production Line
      Natural coconut milk powder production
      The working line includes the following process:
      Pulping the coconut meat and coconut water
    1. Egg Powder Production Line
      The egg powder production line is a fully automated drying machine that can produce fine powder from fresh eggs. The egg powder manufactured using this equipment can meet international quality standards with proper use.
    1. Humic Acid Production Line
      The humic acid production line uses spray drying to take liquid material and extract humic acid powder. This product used in a variety of different industrial processes.
    1. Calcium Carbonate Production Line
      This is our calcium carbonate production line. It is a grinding mill type processing unit that can take large materials and crush them for the manufacturing of calcium carbonate.
    1. Water Dispersible Granule Production Line
      The final products come in strip shape and ball shaped granules.
      And we have 2 kinds of such production line, batch type and continuous type. For continuous, you just need one staff member to operate the whole system.
    1. Lithium-Ion Battery Production Line
      The lithium-ion battery production line consists of a calcination machine, high speed wet mixing granulator, spin flash dryer and a square shape mixer.
    1. Tomato Powder Production Line
      The other way is to beak the fresh and qualified tomatoes into a slurry, and use vacuum concentrator to concentrate them. Finally, use a spray dryer to process the tomato liquid into powder.
    1. Fruit Chips Production Line
      The fruit chips production line consists of a washing machine, selecting machine, cutting machine, sterilizer, drying machine and packaging machine.
    1. Solid Dosage Production Line
      The solid dosage production line is used for granulating and drying raw materials for capsule and tablet production. The production line is a fully automated drying machine and piece of pill production equipment that is invaluable to pharmaceutical companies.