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DG Series Hot Air Dryer

  •  DG Series Hot Air Dryer
  •  DG Series Hot Air Dryer
  •  DG Series Hot Air Dryer

DG series hot air dryer is used to dry maize, potato alike and other starch material processed by wet method after dewatering process. It's also for to dry heat sensitive powder or slice state material with fast speed.


Specification capacity of starch t/h total power kw steam consume kg/kg finished starch moisture
DG-0.5 0.5
1.8-2.0 12-14 %
DG-0.8 0.8 21.6 1.8-2.0 12-14 %
DG-1.2 1.2 26.6 1.8-2.0 12-14 %
DG-1.6 1.6 30.1 1.8-2.0 12-14 %
DG-2.6 2.6 59.5 1.8-2.0 12-14 %
DG-3.2 3.2 75 1.8-2.0 12-14 %
DG-3.6 3.6 95 1.8-2.0 12-14 %
DG-5 5 123.4 1.8-2.0 12-14 %
DG-6 6 170 1.8-2.0 12-14 %

Machine Principle
In the dryer, high-speed hot air stream sustains raw material in the suspending state. Then the material is dried. Since air stream speed is very high, and material is suspending in air stream, the heat transfer surface between air and solid is large, heat transfer rate is high, and drying time is short (usually within several seconds). It is especially suitable for drying heat sensitive materials.

In drying process, clean cool air is heated by air heater, and mixed with wet starch sent by spiral feeder and material raiser. Wet starch is dried momentarily. Dry starch is discharged through centrifuge separator and star-shape unloader. Exhaust air is let out into atmosphere.

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