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Industrial Grinder, Sifter

    1. Fine Grinding Mill
      The fine grinding mill consists of the main grinding machine, assistant machine and control cabinet. The grinding equipment can achieve continuous operation.
      The fine grinding mill is extensively used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries for pulverizing dry, brittle materials.
    1. High Effect Industrial Grinder
      The high effect industrial grinder set is extensively used as a grinding line for pharmaceutical, chemical, food and pesticide industries for pulverizing dry brittle materials.
    1. Square Sifter, Vibratory Sifter
      The square sifter or vibratory sifter consists of a screen box, vibration unit and a shock absorber. There are 4-6 sets of flexible rubber shock absorber connected between the base and screen box.
    1. Vibratory Sieve
      The screener consists of a hopper, vibrating chamber, sieve and motor. The adjustable eccentric hammer is driven to the center line through the motor, creating a centrifugal force.