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Industrial Oven, Dryer

    1. Hot Air Oven
      The hot air oven is a drying oven suitable for processing materials for hot solidification and dehydrating in many different industries. This series of hot air circulation oven has noise elimination and thermal stability with its automatic temperature control system.
    1. Special Industrial Oven
      This special industrial oven is a hot air circulation oven that avoids pollution with its closed design and conforms to GMP standards. The fresh air is taken in through a fan and filtered to ensure a fully clean interior chamber once it is heated.
    1. High Temperature Sterilization Oven
      The high temperature sterilization oven uses a parallel flow of internal hot air to ensure the space reaches the highest level of cleanliness.
      Operating temperature of the sterilizer is automatically controlled.
    1. Industrial Tunnel Oven
      The industrial tunnel oven features high heating speed, short drying time and excellent uniformity. There is minimal waste produced using this drying unit. The cabinet dryer is highly efficient and uses 1/3 of the energy of infrared dryers.
    1. Microwave Sterilizing Dryer
      The microwave sterilizing dryer is applied for drying and sterilization of powder and granules for foods, additives and medicine. Microwave drying is highly efficient and energy saving.
    1. Microwave Vacuum Dryer
      The microwave vacuum dryer uses an electric heat source and can dry and sterilize materials under 250°C for long periods.
      The parallel flow of hot air offers an excellent sterilization effect.