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High Temperature Sterilization Oven

 High Temperature Sterilization Oven

The high temperature sterilization oven uses a parallel flow of internal hot air to ensure the space reaches the highest level of cleanliness.

Specification Working temperature (℃) Overall dimension (mm) Effective space (mm) Air inlet capacity of fan Air pressure of fan Purifying degree Heating power /kw Weight Temperature tolerance control Temperature difference between points
A B H A1 B1 H1 (at 250℃) (at 250℃) /kg
GM100-Ⅰ Room temperature to 250 1950 1300 2000 800 850 1100 1000M3/H 700pa 100 13.5 800 ≤2℃ ≤3℃
GM100-Ⅱ 2150 1700 3000M3/H 24 1200


1. The drying oven features an electric heat source that can dry and sterilize at temperatures around 250˚C for extended periods of time.

2. Operating temperature of the sterilizer is automatically controlled.

3. Automatic control procedures are: heating - drying -temperature stabilization – shut dow

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