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Pharmaceutical Industry

    1. New Solid Granulating and Drying Line
      The solid granulating and drying line is designed on the basis of the features of the domestic solid manufacturing process. It can carry out wet granulation, granule sieving, fluid bed drying, material handling, mixing and other operations effectively.
    1. TCM Tablet Dryer
      The quality of the tablet depends on the method of drying traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) tablets. Giving full consideration to the properties of TCM tablets, our company has designed a belt dryer which can dry these tablets.
    1. TCM Granule Dryer
      Within the fast-growing modern Chinese medicine industry, traditional tablets can no longer meet the demand of human beings. Made using advanced techniques such as extraction, low-temperature concentration.
    1. Spray Dryer for Chinese Medicine Extract
      Considering a wide variety of Chinese medicines and their complex extracts, there is a great difference in drying between the liquid extracts of different Chinese medicines.
    1. Belt Dryer for Traditional Chinese Medicine
      The quality of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) tablets depends on the method of drying these tablets. Companies used to adopt solar houses to dry tablets, which can meet the industry related requirements and reduce costs.
    1. Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer
      The horizontal fluid bed dryer for pharmaceutical industry is our patented product. It was developed on the basis of absorbing the latest horizontal fluid bed technology from home and abroad.
    1. Multifunctional Granulation and Coating Machine
      The multifunctional granulation and coating machine is our patented product. It was developed on the basis of absorbing the latest domestic technology. This machine provides a wide range of applications.
    1. Spray Dry Granulator
      The spray drying granulator is our patented product. It was developed by the adoption of the latest domestic technology. This equipment has found wide application in the pharmaceutical industry.
    1. Two-Dimensional Motion Mixer
      The two-dimension motion mixer is composed of three major parts: rotary drum, swing frame and machine frame. The rotary drum is installed on the swing frame. It is supported by four rollers and uses two wheels to perform axial positioning process.
    1. Square Cone Blender
      The square cone blender is exclusively used for pharmaceutical industry. Materials are charged into a square-cone closed mixing barrel. The symmetry axle of a hopper and the axe of a rotating shaft form an inclined angle.
    1. Bin Blender
      The bin blender features a high level of uniformity and a moveable hopper, which brings much convenience for loading, mixing, discharging and cleaning. When it is used in combination with pre and post processing equipment.
    1. V Blender
      The mixing cylinder of the V blender is uniquely structured, thus providing an excellent mixing performance without dead corner. This cylinder is manufactured of stainless steel material.
    1. Double Cone Blender
      This blender enables the vacuum conveying or manual feeding of powders or granules into a double-cone container. While the container is rotating continuously, materials can be uniformly mixed through complex impact movement.