Bin Blender

Project category: Pharmaceutical industry

Selected product: HLD series bin blender

Introduction to the pharmaceutical bin blender:
The bin blender features a high level of uniformity and a moveable hopper, which brings much convenience for loading, mixing, discharging and cleaning. When it is used in combination with pre and post processing equipment, this blender can effectively overcome the cross-contamination and dust problem caused by the repeated transfer of materials. In addition, it can be equipped with different specifications of hopper, which can fulfill the mass production and various mixing requirements. This equipment is ideal for pharmaceutical plants that require general or batch mixing.

The most notable feature of the bin blender lies in the angle of 30 degrees which is formed by the axes of a hopper and a rotary shaft. The hopper can rotate up and down while simultaneously performing a tangential motion along the wall of the hopper. A combination of these two motions allows every particle to move in a complex manner and change its location at any time. This can help to achieve an excellent mixing effect.

Customers we have served:
Shanghai Sanwei Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
Wuhan Tiantianming Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.
Shanxi Lanhua Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.