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Industrial Mixer Blender

    1. Bin Blender
      It's widely used as the mixing machine for solid medicine powder in pharmaceutical industry worldwide. The mixing uniformity is high, and the material vessel is movable. These are very convenient for material loading, mixing, discharging and cleaning.
    1. Rotary Drum Mixer
      The rotary drum mixer performs complex movements so as to complete uniform mixing. This mixing equipment is highly versatile and suitable for a variety of materials through its disseminating, agglomerating and mixing functions
    1. Rotary Blender
      The rotary blender uses a rotating cylinder that can make two motions simultaneously. One is the rotation of the mixing cylinder and the other is the swinging of the cylinder along the swinging rack.
    1. Double Cone Blender
      The double cone blender is an energy saving piece of mixing equipment that used for material blending for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, and construction applications.
    1. Conical Screw Mixer
      The machine structure is designed for efficiency and it looks great. All of the parts that come in contact with the working material are made from stainless steel.
    1. Square Cone Blender
      Materials are charged into a closed square-cone mixing barrel. The symmetrical axes of hopper and the axes of rotating shaft form an included angle. Materials with different constituents are strenuously rolling over in the closed hopper and producing high shear to achieve the best effect of mixing.
    1. Dry Wet Mixer
      Our dry wet mixer is a CH type mixer used for blending powders or wet raw materials. The contact parts of the guttered blender are made of stainless steel. The gap between the blades is small and there are no dead corners for excellent mixing effects and easy cleaning.
    1. Ribbon Blender
      The ribbon blender is a piece of mixing equipment used for the mixing of viscous or adhesive powder materials. Other types of blenders that deal with these materials can be difficult to clean but this ribbon mixer has stirring paddles and a structural design that is easy to access and clean.
    1. V Cone Blender
      The V cone blender features a unique mixing barrel structure with no dead corners. The barrel is made from stainless steel with polished internal walls. The mixing equipment performs uniform mixing for a wide number of applications and meets GMP standards.
    1. Unloading Hopper Unit
      1) Safe and reliable hydraulic control
      2) Fully sealed fluid bed
      3) Designed and manufactured according to GMP standards
    1. Industrial Paddle Mixer

      The zero-gravity mixer is a highly effective mixing machine with two axles rotating inversely with a horizontal mixing drum. The paddles are specially distributed on the axle to ensure radical circulation for even blending.