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Hot Air Dryer

    1. Industrial Flash Dryer
      Our company and Shenyang Chemical Research Institute of the Chemical Ministry of the State have developed this machine by absorbing foreign advanced technology. This is a new kind of equipment used for drying the materials, such as paste, caked or thixotropic materials.
    1. DG Series Hot Air Dryer
      DG series hot air dryer is used to dry maize, potato alike and other starch material processed by wet method after dewatering process. It's also for to dry heat sensitive powder or slice state material with fast speed.
    1. JG Series Hot Air Dryer
      The JG series of hot air dryer can remove moisture from the surface of raw granular materials or powders that are easily dehydrated. Air stream drying allow the operator to be carefully controlled for high quality finished materials.
    1. QG Series Hot Air Dryer
      The QG series of hot air dryer is equipped with a fan that is used to disperse material to crush wet and blocked raw material that is heat sensitive. It is applicable for drying raw materials that have surface moisture less than 40%.
    1. FG Series Hot Air Dryer
      The FG series hot air dryer uses a cycling flow of hot air under negative pressure to dry material. The drying equipment allows for complete adjustment of the air speed and temperature, making it extremely versatile.