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Service & Support

We offer comprehensive service and support for all of our drying equipment starting even before the customer makes a purchase.

Before the customer places an order, our engineers will gather all relevant information and help them find the machinery that they need. If the customer is not completely sure of how to process their materials, our experts will provide technical support and design the process for them.

During the manufacturing of our dryers, we employ special QC workers to monitor each stage of production. After the machinery is delivered to the customer, we can arrange for an engineer to supervise installation and commissioning. Once the equipment is running properly, the engineer will return home.

We offer a 12 month warranty for all of our material dryers from the date of installation but no longer than 15 months from delivery. We will supply parts and repairs free of charge during the warranty unless the damage is caused by improper operation.

After the warranty expires, if there is any fault with the contracted dryer equipment, we will still promptly supply parts at the cost of the customer.

If the customer requests repairs, the customer should bear all the expenses incurred in the trip of the seller's personnel including airfare, meals, hotel accommodation and local transportation.