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Developing History

Changzhou YIBU Drying Equipment Co., Ltd. was initiated in 1976 as part of a state-owned company.

After 1995, it became a private company.

In 1998, the company obtained import and export rights.

Also, in 1998 we sold our first fluidizing granulator to an American manufacturer.

In the next several years, our company sold different dryers, mixers and granulators in Egypt, Japan, America, Indonesia, Malaysia, Poland, and so on.

In 2008, we sold our QJ-68 paddle dryer to a German company.

In 2013, we sold our XSG-850 to a Danish Enterprise.

In 2014 and 2015, we sold nearly 8 sets of LPG -5000 spray dryers to Russian firms.

In 2015 we sold one set of XSG-1850 spin flash dryer to a Peruvian company, and one set of XSG-1850 in America. This is also the same year in which we were awarded our brand trademark.