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Food Processing Equipment

    1. Granulator
      We have over 150 different granulation machines to meet the raw materials processing needs of our customers and we export the drying equipment to the USA, Japan, Indonesia and many other countries around the world.
    1. Fluid Bed Dryer
      The GFG series fluid bed dryer uses purified and heated air introduced from the bottom of the chamber with a suction fan. Fluidization of raw materials is possible through stirring and negative pressure within the chamber.
    1. Hot Air Dryer
      Our company and Shenyang Chemical Research Institute of the Chemical Ministry of the State have developed this machine by absorbing foreign advanced technology. This is a new kind of equipment used for drying the materials, such as paste, caked or thixotropic materials.
    1. Spray Dryer
      The centrifugal spray Dryer offers highly efficient and effective drying. 95-98% of moisture can be evaporated almost instantly during the hot air flow stage. This is especially suitable for drying heat sensitive materials.
    1. Vacuum Dryer
      Our double cone vacuum dryer is suitable for raw materials that need to be concentrated, mixed and dried at low temperatures. This drying equipment is particularly suitable for raw materials that are easily oxidized, volatilized and have high heat sensitivity.
    1. Industrial Oven, Dryer
      The hot air oven is a drying oven suitable for processing materials for hot solidification and dehydrating in many different industries. This series of hot air circulation oven has noise elimination and thermal stability with its automatic temperature control system.
    1. Industrial Mixer Blender
      It's widely used as the mixing machine for solid medicine powder in pharmaceutical industry worldwide. The mixing uniformity is high, and the material vessel is movable. These are very convenient for material loading, mixing, discharging and cleaning.
    1. Industrial Grinder, Sifter
      The fine grinding mill consists of the main grinding machine, assistant machine and control cabinet. The grinding equipment can achieve continuous operation.
      The fine grinding mill is extensively used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food industries for pulverizing dry, brittle materials.
    1. Auxiliary Equipment
      The maximum hot air temperature for the JRF4 spec hot air furnace can be higher than 200℃. The maximum hot air temperature for JRF5 and JRF6 specs can be greater than 300℃ (for the special manufacturing furnace, the maximum temperature can be more than 500℃.)